Yay, sports!

Last night was a huge night for Herbal Essence


I’m the first to tell you I’m not a huge College FB fan (even though I’m dying to tailgate a SEC game), but last night was the College Football Playoff National Championship.

It was between Alabama (aka the Patriots of college football) and Clemson. Clemson’s nothing to sneeze at, this is the 2nd time in three years the two have faced each other in the big game.

Clemson’s W was led by 19 year old Freshman QB Trevor Lawrence

He completed 62.5% of his passes, for 347 yards (that’s a lot), and 3 TDs against the Monstars of college football.

Back to things that matter



Look at those locks. I hate this kid. I spend thousands of dollars a year on salon visits, tools, endless products and I still end up looking an stressed out poodle:

This NINETEEN YEAR OLD BOY wears a football helmet 40 hours a week and probably doesn’t even use conditioner. I mean look at that natural flip:

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Officially done🎓

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I’m disgusted. Life isn’t fair. If the marketing team at Herbal Essence was nearly as talented as it was in the 90s they have him signed for a sponsorship in April 2021.


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