Yay, sports!

A sincere apology from DWEB

Listen, I know I owe you guys a post about MLB playoffs. I’m also a woman of many things:

  • Expert wordsmith
  • EXTREMELY superstitious

This is not me:

The Office, Best, and History: I'm not superstitious
 but I am a little stitious
Still one of the best lines in television history


  • A die hard Red Sox fan


I was working at WEEI when they won the WS in 2013 and was at the game. It was BY far the best moment of my life. Apologies now to my future husband* & kids.


That beings said, I failed you guys w/the ALDS and I’m sorry. So buckle up and prepare for 500 words on the ALCS tomorrow/today if I’m feeling ambitious.


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We’re going to start experimenting with some social only content in the next few weeks and it’s a perfect opportunity to laugh at my expense
















1 thought on “A sincere apology from DWEB”

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