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Sunday* Survival 10/4-Colts? More like Dolts!

**Editor’s Note**: I’m a sucker for a corny/dad joke and I will not apologize for this headline.

Extra! Extra read alllllllllllllll about it. We’re here with an early edition “Sunday” Thursday Survival with the Pat’s getting ready to suit up for battle against the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday Night Football this week.

A. Lot to unpack for this match up.

Deflategate BS

This is the first time that the Colts have played at Gillette since the godforsaken blowout 2014-2015 AFC Championship game that sparked the entire Deflategate “controversy”.

2018-10-03 19_27_41-Window

^^Check the timestamp-This is still true.


I’m not recapping deflategate. It went on for entirely too long, and was a smear campaign for Goodell. The one thing I will remind you of is that the Colts forgot how science works and couldn’t understand why BALLS seem to lose air when it’s cold out. CC: Ideal Gas Law

Revenge is a dish best served cold

Fast forward to 2018, and the Colts are a pathetic showing to what they once were.

  • First, they hung a banner for being an AFC finalist in that game. This is not Mean Girls, this is the freaking NFL and sorry but not everyone gets a piece of our plastic crown Lombardi Trophy.

  • The man that spurned one of my favorite twitter accounts arm fell off in 2017. Starting QB Andrew Luck’s sat out the entire 2017 season with a shoulder injury.

  • Patriots Offensive Coordinator left the Colts at the altar last February when he initially signed on to be their new Head Coach and two days later he was back at Gillette to Bill’s lady in waiting.


We return to our regularly scheduled programing and back to things that matter. 


Julian Edelman

Four hundred and five. FOUR HUNDRED AND FIVE DAYS since we’ve seen Julian Francis Edelman catch a football thrown by Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.


Be still my heart. That video has me ready to run faster than seeing an ex-bumble date unexpectedly and I’m out in sweatpants.

Between the ACL injury he suffered in the 2017 Offseason, and then followed by the 4 game suspension for an “illegal substance” <-(refresh yourself here in case your weekend binge drinking has affected your memory), it’s been a long time since the NFL’s best bromance has been in action on the turf.

BB isn’t the only one who’s a fan of cutoffs in Foxborough & If you’re telling my you haven’t missed that ^ I recommend you get your eyes checked #skiesoutthighsout


Between the Mighty Squirrels return, Tommy’s dance moves last week,

and the Colts WR1 TY Hilton being listed as Inactive-I’m taking the Pats by 100. Put your Gatorade on ice for work tomorrow and start your long weekend early with tonight’s happy hour/game combo.


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