Yay, sports!

Sunday Survival-9/9

It’s here! It’s here! Our first football Sunday of the 2018-2019 season. Even if you don’t know the difference between a touchdown and a touchback, you have to admit how much fun a football Sunday is.

Texans @ Patriots, 1pm CBS

It has been 216 days since the Philadelphia Eagles ripped out my heart, and pushed me down the stairs at the Bell and Hand (this may have also been caused by rally shots, but I’d rather blame the Philly trash) for SB LII. Tomorrow we are blessed for the 18th season to watch this God of a man start his quest for his 6th Super Bowl ring

It’s going to be a little more difficult than usually for Tommy since our receiving core isn’t a  handsome stacked as we’re used to, ESPECIALLY for the first four games. More on that below:

Julian Edelman

Jules. Minitron. Bae. Mighty Squirrel. Whatever your preferred nickname for JE11 is has had it pretty tough (well as tough as a devastatingly handsome WR on the best team in the NFL can have it) the past two seasons. After tearing his ACL in preseason last year, # 11 on the field, but #1 in our hearts was slapped with a 4 game suspension in July for PEDs. The details of what the substance(s?) were have been been vague, and even the test that the NFL gave him couldn’t identify it. Still, Jules will be sitting out until 10/4 when the Colts come to Foxborough for Week 5.

Danny Amendola

After the 2017-2018 Danny Amendola entered Free Agency (his contract was up and free to sign where he pleased). Unfortunately not only did he not resign with the Patriots, but signed with the division rival Miami Dolphins. The bright side is that we’ll still get to look at that tush beautiful face twice a season.

Thanks for the memories Danny:

Eric Decker

Okay, this one is a stretch since he signed in the offseason and retired before Week 1. BUT, I will JUMP at any opportunity to drop a Big D**k Decker reference:



Also for your enjoyment, Eric Decker in LEATHER pants. Please don’t say I’ve never done anything nice for you:



News around the NFL

-Steeler’s Running Back Le’veon Bell is pissing off not only fantasy owners everywhere (Sorry Grew!), but his teammates are extra salty too. Bell is a holdout on the season due to contract negotiations and hasn’t reported yet. As it stands right now he’s not going to play week 1, and probably not for the first few weeks either.

-When he does come back, don’t expect a warm reception from the locker room. Teammate Ramon Foster has already been quoted saying “He’s making 7 times what I make twice as much as Al (Villanueva) is making and we’re the guys who do it for him.”

-Former Pats backup QB Jimmy G is beginning his first full season as QB1 for the San Francisco 49s. He has a rocket for an arm that’s just as impressive as his jawline.

Miss you, babe.


Required viewing before 1pm tomorrow:




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